Moved over FB ~ Life is a Bowl of Cherries 🍒 Happy 30

And the conversation on the job site went something like this …

N aka Army “nice you and Jill been together so long”

B “yes, 30 years today”New Kid “impossible”

B “why because I look so young?”

New Kid “no man, you look old. Impossible to be with only one woman”

B said nothing 

New Kid “look at me, I ain’t even 30. I am 28 years old and I already had two wives and several girlfriends” 😳

Oh my, what a winner
… and they said it wouldn’t last. Actually no one ever said that to us directly… though I am sure several thought it because we were asked many times “are you sure? You’re so young”. I am here to tell you that age has nothing to do with it. I wish I could figure out why we beat the odds. I’m just forever grateful that we did.
So what were you doing 30 years ago today? We were at the La Vernia Chamber of Commerce Hall dancing the night away. Young and in love. Dreams really do come true!


5 thoughts on “Moved over FB ~ Life is a Bowl of Cherries 🍒 Happy 30

  1. Too sweet! #couplegoals #just3yearsbehind I remember looking at your rings at my wedding reception as you sat with Cindi. Good times… Too many memories…

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