Mother Nature Brings Us Together

Some people have tried to claim the recent natural disasters are a sign of how bad things are … a punishment.  To me, in the face of devastation, I’ve seen how good things are.  Sad to think it took Harvey and Irma to bring us together but together we are no doubt.  

How did we communicate prior to cell phones and social media? I remember when my son was playing baseball and we turn in our phone numbers at the beginning of the season.  We had a plan for emergency notification where one person would call another and so on.  

Last night my FB page lit up with a virtual call to arms.  I first saw the request for volunteers on E’s page, then G, then B, then I joined in and posted to mine.   Passing the word to sign up and volunteer to make Hurricane relief packages for our Tampa peeps.  In minutes, the word was out.  

Today as I prepare for my shift, I’m amazed by the wonder of it all.  How fast we unite.  Sure what happened sucked, the devastation is heartbreaking, I’d rather none of this happened.  But it did.  So what do you do? Help as best you can.  Share and care.  Life’s too short to do otherwise ❤️

Wishing you all a peaceful Monday. 

 As always more to come. 

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