A Picture is Worth Thousand Words

… and my two co-workers are worth?  Simply put, they are priceless.

What does this picture say to you?


Because I am the sun … just kidding … I am a girl.

Because I didn’t ask anyone, I’ll go first.

If you would indulge me; tell me what you see in this picture?  Shameless attempt to get a virtual conversation going.

Ahem! Sniff, sniff.  That’s me clearing my throat and getting misty.

What do I see?

My roots need to be done. Lol! And that will get taken care of Saturday.

I am HAPPY.  I know because I am showing all my teeth.  And I NEVER smile with my teeth. That means I was in the moment.  I was carefree, not thinking about anything. And as dear heart Truly says and I agree, all we have are moments.  This one was good, dare I say more than good.

Feeling accomplished and grateful for our good deed.

Physical labor feels good.  Endorphins pop.  In the end, you’ve created something.  Today our claim to fame was completing 500 hurricane relief boxes in a mere 10 minutes.  The prep time was more than that of course but start to finish 10 minutes in assembly yielded 500 boxes!!  Four long rows moving in sync, drop two cans in, push box to next station, rinse and repeat.

And you know me.  I had to hug a few people I knew before chatting with complete strangers – comrades in arms I had barely met.  I made all the people at the corn station laugh.  My introspective self wonders how I have absolutely no problem doing this when other times I am the proverbial shrinking violet.  I guess with strangers there is nothing to lose.

This picture captures the essence of my post from this morning:  Mother Nature Brings Us Together .  Sure I still wish Irma had not wreaked her havoc.  But she did. So what do you do? Help as best you can.  Share and care.  Life’s too short to do otherwise ❤️.

As always, more to come.




15 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth Thousand Words

    1. I sure do! For almost 34 years. I’m at one of the satellite offices downtown but I agree the home office building is incredible.


    1. Our company went to a big box store ready to buy the canned goods to make 4000 boxes for 3600 employees in FL without power. They were told your money is no good here – canned goods were donated free of charge. Now that is awesome too. Lots more stories of goodness coming from tragedy.


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