Time Elapsed Photos

… of the Brawny Paper Towel Man aka B.

Okay, not really as B is missing the plaid shirt.  And he has a chainsaw not an Ax.

In case you ever wondered, strength has no gender and the Brawny Paper Towel man has been replaced by a woman.  How cool is that?

The tree was downed during the winds of Hurricane Harvey (that bastard!).  We are way inland and all we had was wind and rain.  Tree was about to fall anyway, limbs were broken and only needed a little nudge.

This is our neighbors’ tree but for some reason, B feels the need to take care of things. He claims the cleanup is his responsibility as said tree fell onto our side.  Actually said tree fell onto his parent’s place.  Regardless, he is taking care of business.

That’s just his way. He is a doer, I am a thinker.  We are complements of each other (has a better connotation than opposites which despite the popular idiom should not attract unless you want to be stuck).

In French, por favor ;).  “les contraires s’attirent”.  I am still teaching myself French y’all.  Polly View Fraun Say.

In case you thought it was a typo, I did not mean compliment either!

plural noun: complements
  1. a thing that completes or brings to perfection.

My what a big head you have little red J-Dub.

Okay, enough loitering.  B has the outside again this weekend and me, well I have the inside.  Right now I am doing everything I can to keep from cleaning house.  Once I get going I know I can’t stop.

Currently I am a deer in the headlights over hand soap.  Our bathroom is green and the hand soap on hand which is green also says KITCHEN.  Inquiring minds what to know … do I go with yellow Sunshine that does not match our color scheme or do I put kitchen soap where it obviously does not belong just because it is green?

FullSizeRender (15)

Disclaimer, no need to send out the guys or gals with the straightjackets.  I’m just joking. Sort of … kind of … maybe?

As always, more to come.



3 thoughts on “Time Elapsed Photos

  1. The Statement- He’s a Doer & I’m a Thinker & what followed Is Really SO True!! That whole paragraph needs to be Enlightened to Every Couple Thinking on Marriage!
    Amen Sista!

    Liked by 1 person

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