I took this snap of the entry way to the theater.  Pennywise is behind the curtain.  Ooooooohhhhhh

We were not in theater 3 at 11:00 however.  Nope, we were in theater 6 at 1:30.  Turns out all but one theater at Alamo Draft House North was showing IT.  The lonely only was Home Again with Reese Witherspoon.  Originally, they had other movies on the schedule but when the tickets were not selling, they converted those movies to additional showings of IT.  Sunday schedule goes back to normal.

Well that must mean the movie was good.  In fact, very good but I am still surprised by the popularity.  What’s even more freaky is that tonight at 9:15, there is a clown only showing and one must dress as a clown to attend.  Not only NO but uh HELL NO.  Scary enough without sitting in a dark theater with a bunch of clowns.

No spoilers because the world should know by now.  This is a remake.  The story is mostly unchanged and stays true to the book.  Only chapter 1 is presented;  the Losers Club being bullied and forging tight bonds.  We see their first attempt to slay the killer clown (or snake like earthworm thingy with rows and rows of teeth that lives inside the clown).

Despite a 150 minute run time, the pace was good and moved along.  Scare factor well that depends on who you ask.  B did not find it even mildly frightening.  To him, everything rang as fake/farfetched.  Nothing ever scares but but then again, my daughter in law felt the same – not scary to her either.  And Me? I jumped once or twice and watched through my fingers with my hands over my eyes at some parts.  But I also laughed too.  Beep, beep Ritchie.  No Seth Green but this new kid, well he’s really good too. Actually all of the kids are perfectly cast.

I give this one a solid A.  Go see it if you dare. Bwahahahaha!


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