Sh!t’s About To Get Real … All Over Again

The following first appeared on FB three years ago. After some quiet time here is more from the aftermath of the fall.  Also means we’re approaching the anniversary of the terrible awful.  I’m going to treat myself to some infused tea.  Chasing the willies away. 

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! okay, now I feel better. 

Semi-not-so-good news. Kevin Bacon’s nose job did not take.
B has been having headaches and still so much pressure which was supposed to subside. He was told at least six months but next Monday it’ll be five months from the ‘nose job’ and he was having so much pain that he made an appointment for today.  

If worker’s comp approves, he will have a septoplasty and turbinate surgery on 10/1 because everything is still all jacked up in there. From the outside there is no clue that anything is wrong but from the inside we have to remember his face was fractured, pulverized to quote the ER doc.  

Don’t get me wrong, we know he was blessed. His injuries could have been so much worse and this can be repaired. While there are things beyond control, we get to control our reaction. We will be looking for those silver linings again. The sunshine and roses are out there, I just know it!!!!!!

If you see me and I appear a bit stressed, it is because I am. I am holding it together one day at a time. Cliche but true, this too shall pass.


6 thoughts on “Sh!t’s About To Get Real … All Over Again

      1. You may dear are an empath and that warms my heart. I protest too much. The anniversary is a most difficult one. Still September remains my favorite month. I look for silver linings. I have an outlet for my pain in my writing that was not there for me before.

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