Seek & Destroy

Why what other song besides Seek & Destroy would B have for his ring tone?  No other I tell ya.

He just showed me a picture of something they found on the job site today.  He texted me said “thing” and I may just use it as tomorrow’s Caption This!  I have been remiss with that category.  Time to ignite the conversation.

Anyhoo, Seek & Destroy blasts when B is scrolling to get to the picture.  He turns the phone to me and asks, do you know who this is? And of course I answer Yes.

If you know me by now, you know that I have no idea who was calling by the number. Instead I am just one of those people who absolutely cannot allow a call to go to voicemail.

Sure If I don’t notice the call it will roll into voice mail BUT … and it’s a big BUT, if I hear, see or feel a call, I MUST answer even when the caller ID says unknown caller.

B on the other hand will not answer any calls unless they are tagged with a name from his contacts.  He has even added places to his contacts in addition to people. If you are not on the list, no soup for you! cRaZy! I know. Hehe.

Me: Hello

Caller: Did you get the tires?

Me: What?

B: See I told you. Don’t answer.

Caller: Dad didn’t tell you?

Me: No he told me. He just won’t answer.  He thought you were a telemarketer.

Caller: Will you add me to his existing contacts for him?

Me: Sure thing Sweetie

As I hand the phone to B: It’s his work number.

You’ve guessed by now, the caller was Pony!  My boy.  My sonshine.  The light of my life. My responsible 29-year-old kid who has a job and a work number.  How do these things happen?  I mean really ?!?!?  Lol!  I LOVE my boy and I miss him!  And even a quick conversation with him is enough to brighten my day.  The little things y’all.

“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.” Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

As always, more to come.



3 thoughts on “Seek & Destroy

  1. Love that song ❤ The quote is fantastic, I got chills reading it. I gotta go with B on this, and most of the time, I just don't answer my phone period because I almost always have it on Do Not Disturb. I can't stand my impulse, like you, to race to the phone for noises. So I just ignore the damn thing. lol Glad your boy brightened your day though, and yes, bring back caption this!

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    1. I try to ignore but I’m wired not too 😳 Back in the old days, when we had a landline, way before caller ID, this one older lady would call our number. We inherited the number from her daughter. They were estranged. The lady was kind of in the beginning stages of dementia and she would think I was her daughter. I would talk to her all the time. I have a phobia that if I don’t answer something bad could happen. I’m a weirdo.

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      1. I get exactly what you mean. It’s like FOMO to a bizarre degree. That’s really sweet you’d talk to her ❤️

        If you’re a weirdo, I’m a weirdo and the world is better for it! 😘

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