The Hitman’s Bodyguard

No spoilers, just high level observations.

In my humble opinion, this was a good movie. Stellar …not exactly … but good … action packed! Solid performances by Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds.  Supporting work was good too.  I mean c’mon when is Gary Oldman not the most excellent bad guy?  In fact, has mister Oldman ever played a good guy?  If so, not as good as he does evil.  And here he is country dictator sort of wicked. And his right hand man Ivan, I was rooting for Ivan to die.  In real life, I could never get away with that.  The movies allow me to escape and I surely did need that!

Even in this violent movie, I found life lessons.  Beliefs.  People seeing themselves one way or another … perceptions baby.  It is all about perception.  After the movie has been out awhile, I might come back and lay down some direct quotes and you’ll get what I mean.

The planner to every nth detail … that’s me.  Let’s just say I need a character like Darius in my life to help me live a little.  And I would be remiss if I did not mention the comedic deadpan delivery of Mr. Reynolds.  He was sarcastic and appealing in his tight little suit.  Suffice it to say, you should see this movie specifically for his scene at the outdoor bar.  Well that and a killer soundtrack.

On a base level, I knew I was not supposed to be laughing.  Really, not appropriate to laugh but I could not help myself. You see, the affable Mr. Jackson why he’s a hitman with a heart of gold.  He loves his wife and that is a beautiful thing to see.

Not sure exactly what my rating methodology will be for this category.  Too soon to tell. For a simplicity, I say B+.  The critics know nothing.

As always, more to come.


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