Movies I Want To See

The previews before the Hitman’s Bodyguard gave me a good idea of what to see next.  This Saturday 9/9/17, we’re all set to see IT.  After that, who knows?  But for sure, I am adding the following to my list:

  1. Jumanji remake – Aptly title Jumanji Welcome to The Jungle.  At first I was like oh hell no.  HELL, HELL no!  Robin did it best.  But this appears to have a different take.  After seeing the previews, I am in.
  2. Kingsman: The Golden Circle.  I never saw the first Kingsman all the way through, just parts as it came on TV.  I liked the little bits I saw.  This one has Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges in addition to Colin Firth.  Hubba, hubba. And a strong female like Halle Berry, what is not to potentially love?  Don’t let me down sequel, but of course I guess I have to see the original first.
  3. Death Wish and this preview is when B groaned.  Another remake? No originality.   After the preview I asked him if the story line was the same.  I seem to remember Charles Bronson avenging just his family’s death.  B assures me this is the same story.  I will watch it though because of Mr. Yippee Ki Yay Willis as the new Charlie B  – action hero archetype, be still my beating heart.  I am certain he will save the day!!!!
  4. Justice League – Move over Affleck, Enter Gal Gadot!!! Because Ben Affleck as Batman does nothing for me.  And Jeremy Irons as Alfred will take some getting used to … Jeremy might always be Humbert Humbert to me :(.  And whoever this new Aquaman is … sign … me … up! to watch this action thriller.  DC vs. Marvel and in this instance, DC may almost stand a chance.

So many movies, so little time. Lol!  As always, more to come.


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