Are You Sitting Down? Cuz You Should Be

Where do I begin?  I can never just get to the point.  Hence my original blog name – musings and rambling or vice versa.  I feel the need to elaborate … always.

So, … Billy Bob and I received the nicest alarm clock ever as a wedding gift.  The alarm made the move with us four times.  Up until a month or so ago, the alarm still worked.  Like. A. Charm.  For 32 plus years! But alas, charms wear off and/or they just don’t make ’em like they used to.

We got a replacement alarm from Amazon that well … well frankly it sucked.  Returned said sucky alarm and picked up a cheap little Timex one day at Wally World.  Things have changed; I’m just sayin’ and this clock has several buttons for lawd only knows what reasons.  Me?  Well I am super impatient which is why B read the instructions and set everything up.

B: This alarm does not have a snooze

Me: Haha, very funny

B: No really, no snooze

Me: Then what are all these buttons for??

B: Well, here you go (as he hands me a book) figure it out

Me: Uh, yea, Nope.  Nevermind

And what that means is I have not been snoozing for the last month.  Wait!  J-Dub aka Lil Geo Washington cannot tell a lie.  I use my iPhone alarm to snooze.  Desperate times call for … well in my case desperate silliness.  I do not use my workaround snooze every day but more often than not I do snooze.  Bad habits break hard as they say …whoever they are those bastards.

Today I worked from home so as not to expend any gasoline.  SAT we be off the rails with this faux shortage.  People are hoarding!  Ugh!! Right about when we need to get Lulu to CC for check in.  B left his truck here too, tank topped off.  And now plan C.  I will stay here with my Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and AK 47s (yes this girl is eagle eye, Annie Oakley wanna be) while B takes Lulu because there is no room in the inn.  His truck will be loaded to the gills.  Unless we can figure out a plan D.

Now what has all this got to do with the price of tea in China?  

De Nada.

Except today I didn’t snooze.  Because I didn’t snooze; I didn’t follow my routine.  Which means I did not make my bed.  Which means that my day was not won :(.

Doh! Lil Geo Washington cannot tell a lie.  I had the best day ever!!!!  Why?  Are you sitting down? cuz you should be!  I have the best co-workers ever – you know who you are!

Mid-morning meeting to get the mindset back on track.  Really a productive day overall. As I logged out, on this day (September 1, 2017 in the year of our Lord) I had only THREE, yes count ’em THREE emails in my inbox.  The joy is real y’all cuz I no longer have to scroll.  Victory is small and might be short lived but today victory is MINE!

As always, more to come.

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