Girls Gotta Talk ‘Bout Stuff

Big Sis: We go to Fairlawn Academy.  I’m first grade and she’s 4K  

Me: Oh then today is your second day of school

Both in Unison: Yes ma’am

Me: What’s your favorite part of school?

Lil Sis: The monkey bars.  Is that your car?  

Me: Yes  

Lil Sis: What’s wrong with it?

Me: There’s a screw in the tire  

Lil Sis: No kidding?   Our momma said her car tire has a screw too! 

Big Sis: That’s our daddy’s car not momma’s.  It’s that red one over there.  It’s old. 

Lil Sis: Is your car old? 

Me: Kind of, it’s 4 years old.  

Lil Sis: No kidding? I am 4!!!! I’m not old (giggling)

Big Sis: Quit saying no kidding.  Sheesh!

Lil Sis: I’m telling … you said the S word!!!

Big Sis: Not the real S word, I changed it.

Lil Sis: Guess what? I can climb the monkey bars better than anyone.  I’m strong and I can do a backbend too.  Watch me!

Me: Ooooh, be careful.  Oh Wow!  You sure can.  That’s fantastic!  I am glad that you like to play and exercise 

Both in Unison: We do!

Big Sis: Exercise helps your heart and gives you muscles too

Mom: I am so sorry they talked your ear off.  I was trying to get through the line as quick as possible.

Me: Are you kidding? (as I wink at Lil Sis) They absolutely MADE MY DAY ❤

I went right into the workforce after high school.  I took an entry level job to give me time to think about what I really wanted to do.  I was convinced the insurance gig would be short lived.  Turns out 33.5 years later I am still at it.  For a while, as I went to college part-time, I entertained the idea of teaching.  Kindergarten of course. The perfect grade. Before standardized testing.  While they are still sweet and innocent.  With too much time on my hands, as I waited for my tire to be repaired, I thought you know what?  I should consider teaching all over again.

Just a flicker.  A glimpse.  A hope of what might be.  Some days something is missing y’all. Not sure what has me feeling so blue.  My choice of reading materials for one.  I am returning two books unfinished because they are that bad!  Note to Self: read only light-hearted fiction.  Or maybe it is that bastard Harvey and all the devastation.  Watching the Today show with tears in my eyes.  I have an innate need to give back.  To do something.  Something with purpose.

As always, more to come.


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