Sing Along Song Of The Day With Some Musing Added In

The title was on a loop in my brain.  Despite no connection to the premise of the song, it fits as we are figuratively climbing the walls today.  Weather affects the mood like nothing else.  Some skeptics say:

“Naw, your mood is not from the weather.  That seasonal depression stuff is questionable and IF seasonal depression does exist then it really only affects those close to the equator”

Uh ya, I failed geography.  What’s living by the equator got to do with the price of tea in China???  J-Dub, C’mon girl, get a grip.  Being stuck in this house has really done a number on you.

Rationally I know I am responsible for my mood … me, myself and U.  Uhm, Well I mean I … me, myself and I.  U is a Freudian slip from when I used to blame the world for my problems.  Actually I never blamed the world; I really only ever blame myself.

Anyhoo like boxers in the ring we are ordered by the referee to our respective corners.


Lulu: nothing personal but I can’t be around people right now.  I am going to be in my room all day.

Me: it’s not personal baby girl unless you make it personal.  We LOVE you.

And this time I am not freaking out.  She needs space … she hasn’t done this all summer.  She forced herself to remain in our company; like a fish in a fishbowl.  I am not going to be fatalist.  Though we are approaching the 3rd anniversary of the terrible awful.  Nope, say it with me, she just needs space.


Billy Bob pops around the corner … hovering in the doorway …

Me: What?

B: I’m bored sitting in the house

Me: Ya me too but what are we gonna do?  You wanna run around in the rain?

10 minutes later

B: I’m putting on my rain gear and going out to go see what I can do about that tree.

Me: Really?  That’s not even OUR tree.  Is <neighbor’s name> even out there?

B: No but I am just going to look.

Me: Ugh, Well don’t hurt yourself.  All you need is a branch to fall.  Protect your eyes.

B: If it happens, it happens.

That’s a good attitude.  I should take a cue from the mister.  Did I ever mention he went to two therapy sessions after his accident and was CURED!  Yep, therapist told him to say fuck it to everything outside of his control.  He does that and it works!  WTF.  I say fuck it too and then my flipping mind goes into hyper overdrive.  Not fair!


My cozy corner.  I’m flashing back to the 60s, listening to the Animals and other assorted groups, venturing into the 70s.  Using music to cure what ails me.  Waiting for “normal” to resume.

I hope your day is fairing well.  Still praying for those affected by that bastard Harvey.  As always, more to come.

2 thoughts on “Sing Along Song Of The Day With Some Musing Added In

  1. The skeptics are wrong. SAD is very real and so is its kissing cousin, cabin fever. Tropical people don’t experience this much because there is little change from one season to the next. I remember in Michigan it would swing from 16 hours of daylight at the summer solstice to 16 hours of dark at the winter solstice. Combination of darkness and poor weather left me feeling like an animal in a cage. Obviously, in Alaska, there are areas which much more extreme variations.

    Some people will be affected more than others. That is how randomly distributed traits work.

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