In my heart of hearts, the opposite of anything I ever said is what I believe to be true. Miracles do happen, lightning can strike twice, why not?!?!?!  But what are the odds?  I only ever said anything to protect anyway … to not fall too hard and get in so deep that the inevitable ending hurts or wounds beyond repair.  In this short-sightedness, some things in the now that could have been sweet were tarnished.  And recently I realize that acceptance of potential hurt is how one can experience true bliss.

In the bigger scheme of things, I am trying to make things right.  I know that I cannot control/prevent/protect myself anyway.  But oh how I want to … to control and it is in this dysfunctional need that I will seek to find assistance.  Confession is good for the soul.  And I have done that.  But I still need help to gain acceptance of all that I cannot control.  I need to accept so that I can truly forgive … forgive myself for the things I have said and done.  If only I could have a do over.  In absence of that, I will take the next best thing … to more forward.

As Always, More to Come.


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