Originally written 10 months ago in October of 2016.  Seems fitting I post this now as I recently found out that my grade school is closing this year forever ending the fall carnival.

A slight little change in the weather with another cool front for the weekend sounds fabulous.   Makes me nostalgic.   Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.

I have fond memories of my school carnival always the last Saturday of October rain or shine.  Fish pond, cake walk, haunted house.  We donated cupcakes – Always Duncan Hines – devils food, chocolate icing and candy pumpkin on top.  I think I’ll bake a batch this weekend to give away.  I am on the wagon but all in moderation if I donate multiple people can have a taste.

As always, more to come.

5 thoughts on “Carnival

  1. I loved fall in Michigan. In California, it’s spring I love. Fall here is just an extention of summer with a very gradual cooling trend. Often doesn’t even rain until December.

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    1. Here in this part of Texas, we have no seasons to speak of really but fall is a bit of the break from the heat which hits its hottest in August. Spring just makes me sneeze 🙂


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