And then there were four 

I said I would not write anything new until I cleaned out my virtual closet. I never should’ve made a promise I can’t keep.  I’ve got four drafts left.  This post is new. Duh 🙄.  Just seeing if you’re awake.  

One is just a place where I uploaded a bunch of mismatched pictures for safe keeping until … well until I need a picture. I could use my media library but that’s getting full. 

Two is a personal story that is not mine to tell.  I copied over verbatim from a FB post with the intention of sharing because the family wanted to spread the word. I just couldn’t hit publish then and as I re-read now I feel exactly the same. Like a voyeur invading privacy.  Number two will stay in the closet. 

Three is a scathing rant against my arch nemesis.  Who is also called not my mother. It’s long and winding and would probably bore the pants off you. If you even made it to the end that is.  I can’t delete the post and I can’t hit publish either.  Well PANTS!!! Hahaha PANTS the new bollocks and sacrebleu.  Three stays put too. 

Four is really good y’all with a potential to piss people off or have them cheering.  My thoughts about the state of America.  Written in November but with a universal theme that could be about any current event really.    Decisions, decisions.  Until I work up the nerve, in the closet four stays.  

However, now that I have everything nice and neat, I will keep it that way.  I will not  be getting back up to 27. I will stay at four  and housekeep every weekend instead of every 10 months.  

Well, as I close this post, I hear the sounds of the house coming back to life.  Or should I say the inhabitants of the house? I’m tearing up with gratitude.  How the hell did I ever get this lucky?   Best not to question and just relish the moments like these. 

My sweet darling Lulu has left her cave and she’s puttering around in the kitchen.  She’s cooking tonight.  See what happens when you just shut your mouth and give her space.  

Note to self: J-Dub shut your mouth more often. 🤐🤣🤓

As always, more to come.

6 thoughts on “And then there were four 

  1. I, too, am intrigued by the possibilities Number 4 could reveal…I really enjoy your straight up way of expressing yourself 🙂 As for virtual clutter, I have some cleaning up to do, too…thanks for the inspiration…Lastly, I’m happy for you–that you were choked up with gratitude 🙂

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    1. My #4 would offend 1/2 the people I know. Part of me thinks so be it but the other part thinks why purposefully alienate others. Many elements are missing from the written word. I have decided this type of forum is not the place. Definitely more suited a face to face conversations.

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