Rainy Day Musings

I started blogging in earnest just over a year ago to help me deal with an empty nest.  I’ve always enjoyed reading, writing & arithmetic.  Actually screw arithmetic. Math sucks!@ I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing.

Oh and movies!  I enjoy movies <3.  And music! Music cures what ails me.  And don’t forget the theater!!! But I digress.  From what?  I am musing am I not?

Lately I have asked myself “self, why do you write?”

The answer is complicated.

I jokingly say I write to release the hounds!  And I do … or I did

Until lately where I no longer get the same high

Yes I said high!  There is nothing quite like the feeling of purging your soul from pen onto paper (or keyboard onto blogosphere).  To know you are connecting with someone and making a difference even if only to one other person and even if the impact is minimal.

Though this drug has about run it’s course I fear.  The reaction just isn’t the same.  Change is inevitable and evolve I must but to extinction? Maybe.  Hope not but you know Hope; she is fickle.

As always, more to come.

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