Master Chef

If you haven’t watched last Wednesday’s episode, turn around.  *** Spoiler***

B has conspiracy theories about who will ultimately win and so far his predictions are spot on.  He thinks it’s rigged and it probably is … Christina and Aaron for example had to have planned their chicken and potato dish way in advance. 

I was very happy that Eboni and Cate win! Their recipe will be in Family Circle magazine. 

I was also very happy that Gabriel was saved by Yascheca’s potatoes. He is the youngest contestant. He gave up college to work since his family needed the money.  Pulls at your heart strings.  Of course B called it.  And they kept him.  

Adam and Caitlin in the bottom cook off.  My heart is racing.  Aaaaaaahhhhhh.  And of course I’m crying too 😭 Adam 💔

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