Harvey You Bastard

Harvey you extremely dangerous bad mama-jama

Of course safety first and all that sH!t


and it’s a BIG but

I can’t take this anymore!!!!

I do NOT do well with spontaneous, unscripted, roll with the flow

I plan, I plot, I have a schedule people!!!! lol

Actually I have surprised myself by waiting until I got off work to release the hounds

And by hounds, I mean a vitriolic rant

Actually by waiting I have lost steam

That and my CBT tricks are kicking in

Lulu will be here a few more days.  That’s just a little longer than expected.  But really she needs to go!  For her sake as well as my own.  Though ours are not real world problems.  Not by a long stretch.  I remind myself that no harm was done and it could be worse.

As always, more to come.



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