Princess 👸🏻 Don’t Cook

Except tonight she did. 

When we started out, B didn’t cook. When Lulu came along, all that changed.  I worked nights and he worked days.  He starting cooking dinner for the kids and took my recipes to a new level.  In fact, he’s a much better cook than me. 

Tonight though my boo is injured 🤕so I made dinner.  Crispy chicken tacos.  Sunday evening meal planning and prepping helped.  Chicken already ground and seasoned.  Microwave rice. Beans from a can.  The hardest part was making guacamole and shredding cheese. 

Actually dinner practically prepared itself.  And I had fun!   I knew he’d been holding out on me. Not that I’m going to want to do the cooking long term or anything 😂

As always more to come. 

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