#SoCS for August 12, 2017

Hey kids, guess what time it is? It’s Howdy Doody time.  Not really :).  It’s time for #SoCS. YAY!!!!!!  Here are the rules and ping back.

Like a runner getting ready to race, I am stretching my muscles and limbering up.  Is the brain even a muscle? No but it acts like one.   The brain can be trained and that is why I look forward to every Saturday.  #SoCS is the decathlon on brain training.

Okay! Are you ready?  On your mark, get set, GO!

Think, think, think

C’mon on brain, go, go, go

Is how I start off every #SoCS flow

Guess, guess, guess

Is the prompt of the day


Guess, guess, guess

Guess what?

I dislike guessing.  If asked guess what? I say “Just tell me!”

Suspense sucks

Let’s just take the guess-work out of it, shall we?

Okay, back to the prompt

Guess what?

Guess jeans.  1980s.  Brands became ‘must-haves’

Nike, Izod polos, Op, deck shoes

Reminds me of the TV show the Goldberg’s

I can’ wait for September y’all

Guess what? I am a TV-a-holic

And back in the day

I had to wear my no name hand-me-downs clothes

Poor Jilly

Actually I was rich in many other ways, countless ways

Too bad I was too bratty to realize

Of course I really didn’t know any different

I never even thought of asking my parents for name brands

Even though I wanted them

I remember the commercial, a young Brooke Shields

No one gets between me and my Calvins

Oops wrong brand, same era, different station

This half-hearted attempt was brought to you by one tired J-Dub who spent the day in God’s country, walking through nature’s beauty, until it got so hot she had to come back home.

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