Breakfast Conversation

We had breakfast at Denny’s before the grocery store.  I may have mentioned that I am  Gearing Up For My Life Of Solitude  I truly am better this time.  I know what to expect AND I am looking forward to “me time”  Yet as I look over at Lulu, I am overcome with this feeling I cannot really explain.  Her cute little cap, pony tail, fresh face without a trace of make-up and I just feel LOVE.  Not worry which is usually the case.  I feel LOVE and Peace dare I say the words out loud and jinx the moment.

Lulu “mom why are you staring at me?”

Me “nothing, just this is likely our last Denny’s before you go back”

Lulu “you’ve still got me for over 2 weeks”

Me “yes but with everything left to do, that will go by quickly”

Lulu “you’re not going to cry are you?”

Me “nope, not now, not this time.  Last time was way worse.  Your dad even cried”

Lulu “no he didn’t, that was you”

Me “yep, when we got home after that weekend of dropping you off, when he took the curtain rod we didn’t use back into your home, he cried.  Then I started crying again and we hugged each other”

Lulu “awww, dad, you cried?  You LOVE me”

B “Yes I LOVE you.  I have no idea if I cried because I can’t remember that far back”

But his smile said it all.  He was joking, he remembers.

As always, more to come.


4 thoughts on “Breakfast Conversation

  1. Very easy for me to slip back into pessimistic mode but today I will NOT let myself go there. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


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