Gearing Up For My Life Of Solitude 

Just kidding.  I’ve got Big B to keep me company but we’ve never been one of those joined at the hip couples. Instead he goes his way and I go mine but always we’re each other’s safe place to land.  Like homing pigeons, we’ll find our way back.   

I’m sure we’ll ease back into our empty nest.  In fact, this time I’m happy. I remember what it’s like (3.5 months is really not that long ago). I’m going to embrace our time.  We’ve put the kids first for so long.  About time for a little selfishness.  

Once a month I get my book reviews from People magazine as I get my roots done. Then I add the books I like to my holds at the library.  I’ve not used my eReader in what seems like forever and I’m thinking I might just give it up.  

There’s just something about holding a book and turning the pages.  I can’t even describe what it does for me.  Like an elixir, a medication, a natural high,  a balm.   Free therapy.  Tactile.  Synapses firing.  Escapism at its finest. 

Well today I returned three books in exchange for two more.  Here is one: 

This is the next book club feature.  Who knew the Schafer public library had book club?   No idea how I missed it.  August 30, you’ll know where to find me.  I hope the regulars aren’t all snooty 😂

As always more to come.  


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