Friday Motivation

Close to the end.  Home from hospital.  First good day weather wise.  She says forget the homework for now as the boys go outside to play.

… but I come sit on the steps of the back deck … feel the bright sun on my skin: There is life – this bright hour. Let us make good use of the time, whispers Montaigne.

She describes her boys and you can picture them as she is watching.  She hears her husband arrive home. She notes the tone in his voice.  He will join her on the deck shortly.  It will be getting dark soon as the light changes on a warm winter evening.

… but I am not ready to call them back in.  There is nothing in this whole world that could make me call them back in.

From The Bright Hour by Nina Riggs

2 thoughts on “Friday Motivation

  1. I don’t want to read another book that will leave me useless and awash in tears. But it does sound lovely. The photo is perfect, shafts of light peeking thru the darkness. (Almost ready to start crying already….)

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    1. I am with you on that Fred. I am going to try and take a break from the true story tear-jerkers and read some light hearted fiction. After my book club mystery that is.


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