B Goes Back To Work 

I posted the following three year ago to the day.  All was right with the world despite B’s life changing accident.  Back to normal. A time we mark as before the terrible awful.  That’s a line from a movie … the terrible awful.  I forget which one.  I should look it up. 

Any hoo if I could start over from 8/1/14 you know I would! By Labor Day weekend of 2014, our world came crashing down.  Not sure if I’m brave enough to share as it’s not my story to tell.  I know we folded into ourselves … immediate family only.  Together in our pain.  B, Pony, Wise and Lulu.  Even B’s parents had no idea what went on. 

But, this is not about that.  I’m not going there yet.  This was a good day.  FB 8/1/14:

So what’s a guy to do on his last Friday at home before going back to work?  

Well, if you’re B you get groceries for a fantastic Saturday morning breakfast. The menu is still a surprise. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

You work around the house to finish up some chores. You replace the front porch light fixtures. You FINALLY fix the bathroom sink drain. And you make a list of all the other maintenance that MUST be done in 2014. You tend the fall garden and when you get bored you chase a snake.  

This rat snake was in one of our backyard oak trees. Mr. Snake had eaten the baby mockingbirds from their nest in tree :(. Snakey-poo was slithering down the tree when B decided to catch him and have Lulu take a picture with her iPhone to capture a true father daughter moment :).

Mr. Snake is alive and well in this pic before he was released back into his habitat to continue to serve his purpose of eating mice and rats. And I thought it was our neighbor Mrs. Syma’s cats that kept the mice and rats away. Who knew ?!?!?

As it is was not enough to worry about the rattlers and other assorted snakes on the ground. Now we have to be on high alert checking out our trees.

Country living at its’ finest 😉 So glad it is Friday, enjoying the good life and I hope you are too!

8 thoughts on “B Goes Back To Work 

  1. I love snakes. Especially rattlesnakes. Corals are pretty too but we don’t have them out here. We do have king snakes which I think are my favorite snakes of all. They eat rattlesnakes and are very pretty.

    Red and black, friend to Jack
    Red and yellow, kill a fellow.

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    1. You’d love it around here. We have rattle snakes in our yard … to be fair, our yard is almost 5 acres. Any time land gets cleared or when they move due to the drought, we get an uptick in sightings. Our dogs have been bit 3 times now. They may never learn. That part hurts my heart.

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      1. They are troopers and made it through. I take them in for annual checkups this Friday and will inquire about vaccines.


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