Five Random Things That Really Excite Me

Sooooo …  how many of you clicked this post just because of the title?  I really want to know.  Well that and this is another shameless plug for interaction.  C’mon, talk to me people!  Go ahead, make my day!  Clint would approve.

This is a wild ride so strap yourself in.  All links are working.  Click them for full effect.  I hear ya, now you’re saying oh fiddle dee dee.  She is so NOT funny.  Good thing she’s an Advisor instead of a comedienne.

But and it’s a BIG butt, I purposely craft my titles to drawn you in. I usually write my stream of consciousness ramble first then I attempt to title cleverly … as my hook.

Five Random Things That Really Excite Me:

  1. I finally downloaded the Calm app that I’ve heard so much about.  In actuality I guess this app should soothe me not excite me.  I’ve briefly looked and it appears to be pay for service.  Ugh, I’m getting excited  again.  Bullshit to pay for calm.  Calm should be fucking free! But alas I guess someone’s got to make a living somehow.  Might just delete the mofo app and stay perpetually irritated.  😂
  2. They … as in those Hollywood types have adapted The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls.  Movie due out 8/11.  Mini rabbit hole.  Two dear women from work retire that day.  8/11 is my new favorite day.  Happy for them.  Wishing I was the one retiring.   Anyhoo, Hip hip hurrah!!!   I read the book almost a year ago and loved it … here is my quick review .  A story of perseverance amidst mental illness of both parents. I wonder how they’ll treat the family land portion of her story.  Woody Harrelson is perfectly cast as the patriarch. He might not even have to stretch to play the role. Did I tell ya? I’ve got a thing for bad boys. They too excite me 😂
  3. We’re putting an offer on a home away from home.  Leap of faith.  What’s the worse that can happen?  Don’t answer that.  This my friends is a good thing.  Despite me giving up all that I hold dear for the one person who matters most.  I’d live under a bridge with my Billy Bob.  I already have crappy internet and wild animals anyway.  Why not next level that sH!t?   I’ll be fine as long as I have my books.  Wonder if drones will deliver 25 miles outside of Rocksprings😂. Now that’s exciting right???  J-Dub and B squared become mountain folk.  I become all Katniss in Hunger Games and harvest what I eat with bow and arrow.  Oh who the hell I am kidding?  I will keep an apartment in the city.  Which city is TBD!!  EXCITING!!!!
  4. I got my Ancestry DNA kit results yesterday.  No big surprise.  This is moi:
    Europe – 93%, West Asia – 4%,  Africa 2% and less than 1% Pacific Islander
    61% Europe West (Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Slovania, Czech Republic, Italy)
    17% – Ireland
    6% – Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
    5% – Greece
    2% – Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal)
    < 1% Finland/Northwest Russia
     < 1%Europe East
     What to make of these results is a post for another day.  I did find 443 DNA 4th cousins or closer.  Exciting! Right ?!?!?  I might just send them a message and ask if I am the skeleton in their hypothetical closets. Boo! or Surprise! or Honey I’m home 🙂
  5. And last but certainly not least … the most exciting piece … CBT was the bomb diggity today.  I’ve got a plan.  And I’m working the plan.  I am giving up control that I never really had in the first place.  God will take care of me.  I hear He has a soft spot for fools.  I feel the weight of the world lifting up, up and away.  And if I had magical powers, peace would be the experience happening to all of you.

As always, more to come.

10 thoughts on “Five Random Things That Really Excite Me

  1. :):) from beginning to end with a few outbursts of laughter, so thank you 🙂 God’s been blessing me with laughter this afternoon, maybe reward for my CRAPPY morning/early afternoon. But as you said I remembered, albeit in the late innings of the game, that God will take care of me 🙂 I am thankful for His love of us special children 🙂 He knows I’m fixin’ to mess something up, at all times 😉 I’m honestly not a good gauge for your title survey. You know I’m clicking anything you put up. I don’t even remember if I read the title 🙂 LOL yes, I’d rather be perpetually irritated if my option was to deal with an “app” The home away from home sounds exciting. I could see you know, hunting, skinning and cooking up some fresh meat, rabbit, deer, turkey mmmmm made me hungry 🙂 With 443 cousins, I might be getting a message LOL 😉

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    1. Aww. You’re the best! Now that would be super exciting to find out we’re DNA cousins. We’re nervous now that the decision has been made. Number crunching and such. But taking a leap of faith. I’ll just never retire 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol, I’ve never gotten that whole DNA ancestry thing but you should look up the video of Jessica Alba hearing her results on George Lopez. Oh that clip made my day. You really don’t need brains to run a billion dollar company….😂😂

    Good luck with your offer! Wish I had more to say but I’m tired from Bob watching (just kidding…😝).

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