5 thoughts on “#LivePD

  1. Miss Jilly Bob, thank you!!! I was laughing so hard when I read this!!! I was laughing so hard hubby came over to see hahaha laughed ’til I cried, had to get a tissue before I replied because I couldn’t see. 10 degrees, 10 degrees, which according to him either meant look away or his son was right there, 10 degrees hahaha. Shew again thank you for filling my morning with laughs 🙂

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    1. We could not figure out who he was yelling to. I thought it was the camera woman. Poor guy was totally off his rocker. But he agreed to be seen so there is that …

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    1. Yes the craziest “reality” TV show yet. Supposedly real life PD. There is a control center and then the center link out to PD on the beat giving commentary. A newer version of Cops maybe? the 10 degree bitch guy was being yanked out of his trailer. He obviously signed the release to be shown but wanted his 15 minutes of fame to get his best features. He screamed at the camera woman to shoot him at 10 degrees. He was wild eyed and off his meds or on his meds as the case may be.

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