9 thoughts on “Caption This! 7/28/17

      1. I just assumed it looked the same as what I see in preview. Plus I post too much crap and I only recently learned how not to get instant notifications. I now use reader or get a weekly digest for a few special folks like Hip To Be Snark and supernaturalsnark. So funny to get the email that tells me JDub is now following JDubs Grin and Bear It 😂

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      2. It does but hey, you never know! 😂 Ah, I learned how to turn off instant notifications some time ago. I find it annoying that WordPress automatically sets it up that way. That’s partly why I have tens of thousands of unread emails 😂 I don’t like the weekly digest either, though, LOL. I’m so hard to please. I just click on people via the reader these days. It’s buggy (clearly) but easier to do it all in one place.

        It’s even better when you get an email for new posts, haha. 😝😝

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      3. Now that you mention it, the weekly digest is not what I thought. I guess maybe I’m getting too many of them so I might as well keep the individual instant email or just go reader exclusively. I’m afraid if I go exclusively to reader I’ll miss some nuggets of gold though. I guess I’m a little hard to please too. 😂.

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      4. Maybe an RSS feed is the way to go. I’ve read some complaints about the reader (and I definitely miss stuff!) but it gets the job done for now. It’s not like I need new ways to distract myself 😂😂

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