Doing the work

She’s back there now.   In the exam room.  I’m in the waiting room snapping my worry band. 

I’m supposed to be there too but she’s fine … or not. I didn’t push it because I was present 7/25 for the tests.  Sonographer let it slip that today could be just a formality.  

That gives Lulu courage to go in alone.  

I wish she didn’t think she had to spare me.  She’s always been that way. Tough despite fragility. Perfectly flawed.  Human.  Just like the rest of us.  

As always, more to come. 

6 thoughts on “Doing the work

    1. 💕 she got good news yet I’m exhausted and can’t find the strength to write. Super thankful and blessed. I just can’t form a cohesive sentence.

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