Two Years in the Promised Land

The following was posted on Facebook two years ago today 7/24/15.

I made it to IH 10 and 410 before the waterworks started. But change is good right? just say right 😳. At least I held it together the whole day by just being giddy. Monday starts a new chapter. Let the fun begin. 

Thank you Jane for the church giggles. I see super balls bouncing down pews and up dresses and I am laughing all over again. Daffy duck says hello to you too.

Even though I was offered the “promised land” job the Friday before Memorial day, they wouldn’t let me loose for about two months because I had to deliver all my midterm performance reviews. It’s no wonder why I left management. Not my cup of tea.

I do miss the people though. Isn’t that always the case? The people can either make or break the position. I am like a cat with nine lives and I have landed in a sweet spot where the people are equally as wonderful here where I am now.
As always more to come.


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