JDubs Book Review For Mi Amiga Hip To Be Snark (Anyone Else Can Read It Too)

I am reading a book called According to a Source by Abby Stern.  Not sure why but I thought of you. Both blogs actually.

In this book, I get to follow along with the life of a paparazzi.  Well technically this fictional Ella, Bella, Isabella is not really a paparazzi. Instead she supplies the words to the photos versus the actual taking of the photos herself

Of course she isn’t real, did I tell ya she was a fictional character?

Hehe.  Not funny.  Maybe amusing?  Maybe the blogosphere grinned just a little at the tired old of course it is real … it is not fake gag line.

Anyhoo.  Continuing on through the molasses that is my brain today.

The Author’s Notes states:

No actual celebrity names have been used, and all blind items are fictional.  This note is not intended to protect the innocent, because in Hollywood, no one is innocent.

She talks in code and while these stories are fictional, not such a stretch to determine who might be:

  1. Sex Tape Socialite Turned Reality TV Star
  2. Former A-List Hot Mess Actress
  3. Southern Girl-Nextdoor Movie Star
  4. Sexy Indie Film Actor
  5. Foreign Born Supernatural Superstar


The reference to Supernatural is not to the TV show.  At least I don’t think so.  But and it’s a BIG but, one never knows.  Though I am fairly confident Foreign Born Supernatural Superstar is not referencing Dumb and Dumber :).  See I can speak in code too.  Lol!

Since I have the attention span of a gnat where this book is concerned, I am flitting around chapter to chapter in no particular linear fashion.  Just like when I read People magazine and complete the crossword first.  Squirrel.

I rate it 3.78 out of 5 stars.  Recommended read if you’ve nothing better to do. As always, more to come.


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