Sealing My Fate #SoCS

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “sealing/ceiling.” Use one, use both, have fun!  Here are the rules and pingback.

Oh man, this post might be another dark one.  Sealing … think think think.  Records are sealed.  I am denied my basic right as a human being.  Simply to know who I am!

From the moment of conception

A mistake

An accident



Kicked to the Curb

Adopted into a loving family

Denied by her tribe

Given a good home 

She should be grateful


Would you be?

Sealing of records

Unless you petition a court

And even then

You may not win

The right to know

Who you are

Who I am

A right which is inalienable

Is denied to few

Sealing my fate

From the moment of conception




10 thoughts on “Sealing My Fate #SoCS

  1. Who do they think they’re protecting by keeping the records sealed? I think they’re doing you, as an adult, a disservice by not giving you access to your the details of your origin. Maybe someday you’ll learn the truth — not of who you are, you know that, but of where you came from.

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      1. No, you’re not. For whatever reason, good or not so good, you were given up for adoption. The good news is that you survived and, from what I’ve read on your blog, thrived. That’s first class.

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    1. Yeah it’s kind of like a basic instinct almost. Not that I’m looking for a relationship at 52 years old. It’s just that it would be nice to know what a minimum my medical history so I could quit using unknown.


      1. Sandi, they may be these days but in 1964, there was no requirement. Alias names were given and lies all around. I have some info that they call non-identifying which indicates no health history.


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