Has Lady Lost Her Luck? And By Lady I Mean Lulu ~ L Quartic

I knew it! Or I suspected as much.  Things have been just too good lately.  I won the property tax protest.  Had not even had the chance to share that with you yet.  Some other legal paperwork came through opening a door to new possibilities as well.  Everything was coming up roses.  And today was especially prime!  Get it?  I know that you do.  But and it’s a BIG BUT, everything changed with a simple text.

FullSizeRender (2)

I felt my stomach roil. I start my little tapping exercises to alleviate anxiety.  I think she’s just upset because she has to wait.  Maybe she has not even seen the doctor yet?

It. Could. Be. Anything.

Hindsight is 20/20; I should have brought out the voodoo today.  You know the troll dolls Roseanne set out in the episode where she became a bingo fanatic.  Or maybe the novena candles for extra measure?


It. Could. Be. Anything.

And not necessarily anything bad either. But and it’s a BIG BUT, we tempted fate.  Making plans and going on with life as if getting the all clear was a given. An automatic. She’d paid her dues.  But and it’s a BIG BUT the all clear wasn’t to happen.  Not yet anyways.

Lulu goes back on 7/25/17 and 7/27/17 for more tests.  I was not in the exam room to hear what the doctor said or you know I’d probably still be back there asking a bazillon questions.  Instead I have to rely on what Lulu told me which was …

  • Almost everything was fine
  • Incision healed nicely
  • Very little scar tissue

In one spot though, the doctor felt something not quite right.  

Me “Another cyst?”

Lulu “Not likely”

Me “She give you any ideas what it might be?”

Lulu “No, I just need a sonogram.  Here you keep these appointment cards, I have the dates and times in my phone”

Me “Are they waiting because of our trip?  We’ll just cancel it”

Lulu”No, the doctor says this is not urgent, just better safe than sorry”

Lulu continued “I just can’t catch a break”

Me … no words

Thought bubbles … Better safe than sorry, check! Then Crap!  That’s not even enough info to WebMD this sH*t!

And so the story goes.  We are back to it’s nothing until it’s something.  Plus, we’ll glady accept any prayers, if you’re so inclined.

As always, more to come.


21 thoughts on “Has Lady Lost Her Luck? And By Lady I Mean Lulu ~ L Quartic

  1. Live life regardless.

    One day, Voltaire was tending his garden when some visitors showed up. One of his visitors stopped him to ask, “What would you do if you knew today was your last day on Earth?”

    “I’d tend to my garden.” he replied.

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  2. I wish I had some sort of wisdom to add but seems to me you’ve got it well
    Covered. I wish I could give you a big hug, pour you a drink of your choice, while blaring some good shit to take your mind off it.

    Seems to me a mom’s day to day is fearing for her kids, right? I watch the boys ride bikes imagining rogue cars slamming into them, or that my youngest will somehow manage to break his skull open when I commit the unforgivable offense of going to take a piss in quiet. This though, an ominous something that may or may not be wrong … ugh. My imagination would eat that up like a tiramisu topped with tiramisu wrapped in a cannoli and chased with a chocolate milkshake.

    So keep it up, woman. You have the right mantra and you are a badass. I’m always keeping you and yours in my thoughts ❤️

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    1. I like the idea of being a bad ass. 😂 We have our moments from it’s nothing to it’s over. Being away has helped … making good memories.


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