More Funny Math

Way back on Friday May 26, 2017, the cyst we call Clive was excised from the abdomen of one Lulu the Greatest.  Now, six weeks and three days post surgery, all appears to be well.  In fact tomorrow, Lulu hopes to get the all clear from her fantastic doctor KC along with release to drive and all that fun stuff.

Being homebound is the opposite of fun.  There were days I was afraid to leave her.  I had no idea what I would come home to find swinging from the chandelier.  No joke!  Real and reality bites! I am not ashamed to admit to what we go through.  Too many suffer alone.  She was sad y’all. She was way more than sad.  Removal of the cyst was not a magic silver bullet to cure all that ails her.  Somehow we’d hoped Clive was the reason.  Something to cling to as rationale.  We did get a few miracles and we aren’t complaining one bit.  Extremely thankful and blessed. BUT … you get the drift.

Of late we have figured out her hormones were completely jacked with a capital J.  Or fucked with a captial K. I mean F.  Hormone induced depression is likely the culprit for some of the post op doldrums. At a minimum the hormonal rollercoaster was icing on the cake.  Please do not take my word for it though.  I am not a doctor (I just play one on TV or by trolling Web MD) ba dum tss

She is settling into a new normal.  Hoping this new normal has an upside.   Thankfully I was able to work from home on the really super bad days and thankfully my ISP cooperated.  T’was just like this inanimate object knew better than to dick around with me.  Though the real question is this … is the Internet inanimate?  I know AT&T DSL is not a living being.  My Google example is car = inanimate and dog = animate.  The Internet is really more like a car.  Though the Internet is creepy and capable of knowing things.  Oh well hell, who has time for this sH*t?  Not I … said the fly.  Though this week I do cuz I am on vacay!!!!!!! ba dum tss

Funny that I was über organized and accomplished at work during my time at home.  Apparently hyper focus is one of my many coping mechanisms.  Nothing changed with me being at home yet for some reason just knowing someone was near was enough to calm irrational fears.  That and the one day a week face-to-face lifeline known only as HIM.

And now at paragraph six, we arrive at More Funny Math.  But I am too tired to elaborate.  In short, all the medical bills are rolling in for Lulu.  We saved a boatload if you believe the Explanation of Benefits (EoB).  I do not.  Someone, somewhere is making out like a bandit.

As always, more to come.


10 thoughts on “More Funny Math

      1. If you get some time off, read my new post please. And ya, cysts are a real pain. I’m suffering from polycystic ovaries….


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