JDubs Review of Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica

Set in Chicago, present day this story of mystery disappearance begins Sunday and runs through Thursday in a single week.  Told in alternating verse by two characters Quinn a 20 something year old girl and Alex an 18 year old selfless boy, the short chapters move the story along quickly like a heated conversation.  As usual I will not have any spoilers.  In fact, that’s the review.  

You get to decide the rest.  For me, I enjoyed and would recommend.  JDub rating 4.25 of 5 stars.  

Side note πŸ“. As life imitates art the following hit close to home 🏑.  

Quinn is betrayed by her friend Carrie. Her mother gives her the only good advice that she’s ever given. Apparently the mom was pretty hard on Quinn and she has issues because of this.  Mother daughter issues? Project feelings much? Codependent JDub and Lulu? Yep I’d say life imitates art right there!!!

Quinn: mother suggested I write notes to my friend turned arch enemy Carrie. Jot down your feelings on paper.  Tell her how you’re feeling, she said and with the PS. Don’t send the letters. Don’t give them to her. Keep them for yourself.

But once you get your feelings down on paper, you’ll be able to MoveOn. You’ll be able to think through your emotions. You’ll find closure”

And in the end Quinn does feel better as she writes out her venom, things she felt to her core but that she could not bring herself to say. She never gives the letters to Carrie.  But she in the end feels better; she finds closure and along with that new friends.  

Better out than in ~ Shrek πŸ˜‚

OK, now I’m really done. As always, more to come. I hope you enjoy your Sunday.  

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