Your Vote Counts And This Is Not A Political Post

I am a dork but I am super psyched to be able to make history!

Over exaggerate much??! Who me? Why never! And, if you believe that I NEVER over exaggerate then you obviously have not been reading my blog.   Is over exaggerate like a double negative?  You know … like not never = always. What kind of grammar is not never. Sheesh!!!!!

Back to your regularly scheduled program 

Cool history, this color called  β€œYInMn,” pronounced β€œYin-Min,” was discovered by accident in a Chem lab at Oregon State University back in 2009.  Hey, why do I picture Emilio Esteves and Mighty Ducks?  Oregon State maybe??? Nope that’s Univeristy of Oregon.  Oregon State are the Benny Beavers.  LOL!  Now I picture Jan in Grease singing the brush up song.  I swear I have not had any wine tonight.  I quit drinking!

Again we go back to your regularly scheduled program 

Between 6/2/17 and 7/1/17 Crayola took ideas from the populous for naming the new blue accidental color.  Is that like the Accidential Tourist with William Hurt and Geena Davis?  Quit while you’re ahead JDub.  Quit … while … you’re … ahead … A Head of what?!?!?

Third time’s a charm as we go back to your regularly scheduled program

Okay, here’s the kicker!  From 7/1/17 until 8/31/17 we get to vote from the top 5.  You get to vote once a day and when you do, you’re entered to win fabulous prizes.  Since my luck has been really super fantastic as of late, I am casting a vote a day because I KNOW I will WIN! Maybe not the crayola prizes … but I will WIN at LIFE. Not to be confused with Charlie Sheen … brother of Emilio Esteves mentioned above …  winning.  JDub, you should’ve quit, now you’re behind.

The finalists are:

Blue Moon Bliss
Dreams Come Blue
Reach For The Stars
Star Spangled Blue

VOTE here for the BLUE of your dreams   Hint, do NOT vote for that one.  Dreams do not come blue.  I’m a blue moon bliss girl myself … who is almost positive that star spangled blue will run away with the win.  As there is not really else much to be star spangled about these days.  But that my darlings is a conversation for another day.

As always, more to come.

6 thoughts on “Your Vote Counts And This Is Not A Political Post

  1. Cool! I didn’t know the voting had started. I’d submitted a name, but guess it didn’t get picked as a finalist. 😦 … oh well, I voted for Blue Moon Bliss. πŸ™‚

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