Well 🙄 

Apparently I have an Instagram account.  Who knew?   And twitter.  Funny I don’t remember signing up.  I’ve put out a few follow requests.  Oh the anxiety!   Just say yes people I don’t know what I doing anyway so I can’t stalk you.  ðŸ˜‚

8 thoughts on “Well 🙄 

  1. I’ve been on Twitter for years. I used to have lots of fun conversations on there, but now, mostly just announce my blog posts. I do the Friday Phrases game, though. … I never had Instagram, but I do have Tumblr, which I have no idea what that’s all about. I mostly forget I even have it! 🙂

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    1. After logging in and request some follows I think I’m just gonna shut it down I’ve really got a lot of irons in the fire … going to narrow down to two Facebook and WordPress

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    1. I’m pretty sure it was me considering the screen names that were chosen. I’ve logged in and I really don’t know how to maneuver through so I’m going to try to shut them both down.


  2. I signed up for instagram about a month ago so I could comment on a friends pictures. After about 2 weeks of letting me log in (just to get me hooked, I’m positive) it won’t let me log in unless I give it my phone number, really? I guess my love affair with instagram is over because I’m not giving it my number LOL

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