I Am Awed And Amazed – Subtitle What’s That Got to Do With Nasty

“A” cubed … no that’s 3 …

What is “A” to the 4th power anyway?

I am a grammar nerd not a math brainiac

My favorite source code Mr. Google says quartic or tesseract

I’m not quite sure which one I like

Both sound quite nasty


Now I have gone way down the rabbit hole

I am Mrs. Peter Cotton Tail

Or Ms. Jill Chili Willy Cotton Tail, independent, feisty

but this ain’t about that …

THIS is about why I Am Awed And Amazed or A tesseracted

If you have made it this far, be prepared to be let down

Am Awed And Amazed very easily

I ordered my photos for the tax appraisal protest y’all.  Walmart.com baby and NO this is NOT a plug for the behemoth that is Wally World.  THIS is a plug for advances in technology. Technology which made my procrastinating ass lucky!

Back in the olden days of yore, I would have taken pictures with camera <gasp> and sent the film off to be developed <gasp> and paid out the you know what for pictures that may or maybe not be sub-par.  Screening negatives ahead of time was all but unheard of.  Why?  do that and you expose the film!  And loading the camera. What … A … Royal … Pain … In … The … Ass!!!! Many a time I’d be snapping away only to realize much later than the film was not advancing 😦

Who remembers being surprised when you went through the envelope?  Kind of fun but not. Lol! The cost again Mrs. Frugal is at it.  So much money wasted on blanks.  And now I am nasty again. Or Miss Jackson. Go back, click the link and be transported to 1986.  SIng Along Song of the Day.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  I am about done anyway.

My prints will be ready in one hour.  All I did was click some snaps with my iPhone and upload to walmart.com.  I was able to select what I wanted and adjust as necessary.  All for the low low price of 19 cents per picture.

I even threw in some non-protest pics of the smiling faces of Pony boy, Wise, Lulu, Popo and Big B on Father’s Day. I made a solemn promise to Pony that I would never post to said pics to social media.  Otherwise he would continue to flip the bird <nasty> or spotlight making the photos un-usable.  Surprise, surprise!  I kept my promise by loop-hole maybe because writing about these sentimental photos is not the same as showing them.

As always, more to come.






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