Protagonist Syndrome

Protagonist Syndrome – Check out the link.

No really, check it out … I’ll wait.

What’d you think?  The struggle is real y’all.

I am going to start bringing a recorder to our family dinners. Not to brag BUT and it’s a BIG BUT my Pony Boy is a genius. I used to refer to him as an evil genius and Lulu as naive but ever so SWEET. Shame, shame on me. Don’t label my kid! And that’s what I did. Darn those preconceived notions. Smashed later in life as those curves balls were hurled at my head BUT and it’s a BIG BUT, that’s a novella for another day.

Pony is not a traditional genius; he is just exceptionally smart about the philosophy of things. I believe he missed his calling.  I could see him giving lectures to college students, commanding the lectern.  Audience in awe.  Groupies of all persuasions hitting on the Prof. I must have Protagonist Syndrome by Proxy.  Get it?  I knew that you would. And, go ahead,  boo me. Not my best work, joke might even be a little bit tasteless.  BUT and it’s a BIG BUT or Anyhoo, …

In another life, Pony really must have been Rasputin-esque. Then there is Wise who is well … wise. Along with Lulu and the doctor who are atypical teenagers. Atypical is GOODNESS. Unless it’s a mole, then not so much. Again, with the bad jokes, J-dub just stop. You. Must. Get. A. Grip.

Our conversations are never dull, always humorous and informative.  The enlightenment from our conversations is category worthy. Though if I start this category; already named “Family Dinners” I am superstitious that the conversations will dry up. Much like when I added “Things I’ve Overheard”. Since adding that section, I have not overheard hardly anything juicy enough to post. I mean until then the fodder was daily. Then bam, de-nada.

From our Friday night egg roll bonanza where all four under 30’s school me and the old man on Brexit to celebratory dinners discussing a myriad of topics, one is sure to be entertained.

Enough back story J-Dub, get with the program.

Protagonist syndrome was the topic of conversation at the Yard house last night. Excerpt follows:

Me: Give me an example  … of a protagonist.
Pony: Donald Trump
Me: Oh lord
Pony: Any world leader really and celebrities … not just any celebrity though, the icons only

Do you have protagonist syndrome? Many people do. No one wants to be the understudy, the supporting cast, or the help. Instead I am the SUN and the SUN is me. C’mon you know people like this … BUT and it’s BIG BUT do you recognize if YOU are people like this? Probably not as denial is a symptom of the condition. According to Pony, we have very few protagonists in the world. “We are merely players, performers and portrayer, each another’s audience outside the gilded cage ~ Rush Limelight Lyrics”

Feel free to discuss among yourselves.

As always, more to come.