Pony Boy – Beginning of an Era

Pony Boy – End Beginning of an Era

Yep! my positive self talk is working.  I’ve been practicing very hard to kick those nefarious thoughts to the curb.  Yes, I said nefarious.  Strongest non-curse word I could come up with on the fly.  As positive cloud shaped thoughts entered my mind, that’s when I changed END to BEGINNING.  He is beginning his 29th year OR is he beginning his 30th year, having lived 29 years already?!?!?  You see I have been teasing about him turning 30 for like the last FIVE years.  Funny math follows me everywhere I go.  Anyhoo, so as to avoid a rabbit hole discussion about time and the theory of relativity, I am moving right along.

Now whole new group of folks can read my story about the day my oldest was born.  If I am anything, I am predictable.  Every year, I write my novella as I stroll down memory lane.  I cry a little too but always HAPPY tears.

Though this year is quite different considering the hospital he was born at has been torn down.  Southeast Baptist Hospital on Southcross Blvd., San Antonio TX 78222 is no longer there as of last week.  Talk about your end of an era.  Sad but true.  Inner city ghosts who vanished except for memories.  Okay, think about how many people died there … at the hospital … if walls could talk … and think about rebuilding over that land. Poltergeist – Indian burial ground anybody?!?? And now I am all M. Night Shyamalan-ing myself.  I see dead people.  My Oh My, how did I take this turn??!   

I am sad to see the hospital go and I am sad that things have to change.  But that is not what this novella is about.  Today we celebrate.  You see exactly 29 years ago at this time, I was at work handling a billing complaint.  And I hung up on my customer.  Huge overreaction, I know that in hindsight.  I had been in labor for a while without really realizing it.  I am one of the lucky ones.  Labor was not so bad.  Definitely not like what they show in the movies.

Anyhoo, the rest is being pulled over from FB with  minor editing to names to protect the guilty :). And inserted real time feedback.

<insert age of Pony> years ago today, I worked the late shift until 6 PM … got home about 6:45 and I was pissed that the crib was still in pieces in the middle of the living room … I announced I was hungry and that I was going to Lung Fung for dinner … Billy and his friend Freeway came with me … I had contractions throughout the entire meal but kept it to myself … got back home after supper and finally said something about contractions … told Freeway to leave unless he wanted to witness a live birth.

Billy and I did all the Lamaze things … the breathing … and we walked a lot around the house room to room but stayed at home because the birthing instructor told us to … finally we drive to Southeast Baptist hospital @ 12:45 AM the morning of 6/28/88 … I told the lady at the admitting desk that it was probably false labor and I’d be going home … she mouthed to Billy (I don’t think so). Lil Pony Boy entered for world at 2:50 AM. To this day he is a night owl. <That has changed as he is all responsible these days working at a bank of all places … Sr. Auditor on the call quality team>.  We LOVE you son shine, light of my life! Happy 25th B-Day!!

Two years later I added the follow to FB:

Someone recently told me that they had no idea I have a son because I only talk about Lulu. Shame, shame on me. I DO have a son! He is the light of my life, my son-shine who I affectionately refer to as ‘Pony’. He’s my twin, a rebel, my sarcastic #1 first born son. Happy birthday !!! Okay, now everyone can congratulate me (he he).

We are celebrating today instead of the day of as he is BUSY tomorrow.  Well that’s okay, I am BUSY tomorrow too.  Lol!  Nope not really, I got nuthing.

As always, more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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