I miss my mommy.  So the feature photo is a mommy picture.  

I have an email problem because I over subscribe but dayum all the bloggers I follow are just that good.  

Email problem part dos: emails I thought 💭 I deleted would miraculously reappear in my inbox.  So Lulu showed me how to delete all in my trash folder.  Who knew?  Not I! Problems solved. 

Well not all problems as I’m a walking travesty.  Not really.  Table for Jill. Pity party for one.  

Email problem part tres.  Well not really email more WordPress (WP). As I go through emails prior to deleting, I’m commenting my ass off on WP. Gotta give a little to get a little. 

Well anyway I’m being moderated!  All but one comment is awaiting moderation. Doh! And now my anxiety is full board.  No Sally Field you really like me speech.  I’m sure I’ll be blocked.  Not really. Table for Jill. Pity party for one.  

I used to watch the hell out of Party of Five. The Fox and the Wolf.  And whatever happened to Neve Campbell?  Scream 😱

I overuse the words well and so and very.  Need new words for my writing.  

I’ll close with this Billy got rained out! Yay it rained.  He finished mowing and trimming right before thunder struck.  ☔️ Now he’s rewatching the Hunger Games.  He says it’s this generation’s Running Man.  🏃 Me? I think it’s closer to Logan’s Run. 🏃 

As always more to come.  

9 thoughts on “RandomTidbits 

  1. I turned of my email notifications because my inbox was practically blowing up and then I would miss important emails tucked between all the notifications….. and also those guys who swear that if you drop your email on their site they might contact you from time to time, maybe send you a newsletter or two once in a reasonable amount of time, we wont spam you they promise; yet they lie.. I am never falling for that
    I even tried setting up a separate email for notifications and newsletters and promos but then I never check it and its got an obscene amount of unread emails so, also I kept forgetting the password…… DISABLED NOTIFICATIONS
    I keep track of bloggers using the Lists Feature in reader, its pretty handy to keep track of faves♥♥

    PS I just approved your comment that was in moderation

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    1. Yay 😊. My comment got through. Whew! Thanks for the tips on reader lists feature. I’ll see what I can figure out. I’m technically challenged and a few bloggers I follow never show in reader. I’m sure it’s user error since it shows as following. The email volume is off the chain. I missed a few important emails too as my volume blows up.

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      1. The lists thing is the easiest zero tech skills required you simply create a list then add the blogs you want in it, I have multiple lists to keep track of the various blogging niches I like; poets, stories, my faves and so on…

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  2. Oh, Party of 5! That was such a good show, and my daughter and I were sure sorry to see it go. … I get blog notices by email. Sometimes there’s a lot, well to me it’s a lot, of over a thousand, then I get it down to 12 or so. (rarely) … I never could figure out the reader place. 🙂

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    1. My usual is 60 or less. The reappearance of previously deleted emails was making me bonkers. Hopefully I won’t accidentally delete all on my in box. 😊


    1. I’m twitching. Wowser 17k emails. I thought 450 was bad. 😂. I can’t figure out how to search reader for my faves. I always get No Results Found.

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      1. I just use my web browser and then it kicks me back onto the reader. This is on my phone though, so I’m not sure how it works elsewhere!

        I am an email hoarder. It’s so sad 😂😂😭

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      2. At work I am an email hoarder because as soon as I delete it, I need it for something – Murphy’s law. I alternate between phone and desktop. One day some brilliant tech person will make all platforms seamless. Until then I punch around on my phone like a loony tune. Lol 🙂

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