#SoCS – The Rain In Spain Stays Mainly In The Plain

Why is this all I got?  The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.  First thought that popped into my brain on this wonderful, not rainy as the weatherman predicted, Saturday morning.  Too bad Hurricane Cindy did not bring the rain we so desperately need.

Every week I look  forward to Linda’s #SoCS prompts.  Check out the link for all the deets as in details aka THE RULES :).

Maybe I am channeling my inner Audrey?  Who knows?  I do not care for My Fair Lady.  I love adaptations and everything Broadway.  Few exceptions.  My Fair Lady happens to be one.

There is more to being respectable than the way one speaks.  Add the way one dresses or even acts for that matter.  I’m drawn to the odd balls, the misfits, the cutters (1979 movie Breaking Away – Jackie Earle Hayley, you charismatic Kelly Leak devil you).   Boo, hiss if you will, all you lovers of Pygmalion.  I can take it.

So let’s get back to rain, reign, rein.  Is that like buy, by, bye or there, their, they’re? You betcha!  YAY Homophones!  Here are some more:

  • doe, doh, dough – deer, Homer, pizza 🙂
  • cite, sight, site
  • holey, holy, wholly
  • peak, peek, peke, pique
  • vain, vane, vein
  • ware, wear, where

Grammar police of the world unite in our common disdain for misuse of words.  Of course in poetic stream of consciousness, all bets are off.  If I were to search back through my work, I’d find all sorts of artistic license. Any hoo (see I did it right here, get it?). Hehe, I slay me.

Now let’s play a game; shall we?  In my pathetic attempt to enter into engaging conversation with my readership (of which there are two brave souls who might play along), comment with the homophones of your choice.  Bonus score for using said homophones in a sentence correctly.  C’mon on in, the water’s fine.  You know you want to!

As always, more to come.

10 thoughts on “#SoCS – The Rain In Spain Stays Mainly In The Plain

  1. Grammar buffs are wholly too high and holy about the proper spelling of a word when it was probably a cursed typo, as the words in my head got ahead of my fingers hitting the keys, that caused my post to appear like a pair of holey socks.

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