Cheap or frugal? 

Definitely not cheap.  Cheap is an ugly word.  I’m no floozy.  I’m a hussy!   And I’m off the rails.  And I come by it with drugs. Ahem, I mean naturally.  Influenced by reading Joan who was one tough cookie.  But I digress.  Book review to follow separately.

Cheap people wouldn’t splurge $12 for six macaroons. Now would they?

Even the package is pretty.

Give up? The correct answer is frugal.  Synonym of cheap?  Well not exactly.  Close sure but frugal is economical while cheap is inexpensive.

I’ve posted about my frugality many times before.  Here, here and here.  Check out all four links if/when you have the time.  Shameless plug for prior blog posts.

I’ve always wondered what is the root cause of my behavior.  Maybe my wonderful role model parents who lived through the Depression in a “waste not want not” era influenced me more than I realize? Or maybe having to replace most of my worldly possessions after the most unfortunate event made me hate shopping?

Whatever the cause, I wear my shoes until they literally fall apart.  Yep! literally!  lol.  See me today at the Pearl.

Shoe mishap
Yes that’s my heel in my hand.
The sidewalk where it happened

Lulu and I were meeting my sweet friend and her son for lunch.  On the way from the car, we’re just strolling down the sidewalk and my heel pops off.  I didn’t fall thank goodness.

Lulu says “Mom, don’t pick that up, it is someone’s shoe”  

Me: “ya, mine!”

Lulu “what? seriously?”

When my friend sees me: “You were serious?  Oh my”. 

Me: “I guess I’ve got to find some shoes?”

We go into a shop and one quick look around.  Uh, no!  I am not paying $195 for sandals.  I’ll just limp around thank you very much.

Then Lulu says “see if the other heel will come off?  At least then you’ll be even”

Me: “that won’t work” as I try anyway.  Pop … goes the weasel … and my other heel slides right off!

La Gloria here we come!  And with the pop and drop heels; there came the pouring rain.  On the patio with mister for cooling, the temps dropped from 88 degrees to 71 degrees in minutes.

Meanwhile, I’m still twitching from throwing away the heels/wedge pieces.

I just need a little super glue! Did I tell ya I was frugal?

I’m keeping the remnants.  A just like “new” pair of garden shoes.  Oh who am I kidding?  These are my new favorite chanklas. Best $9.99 I ever spent at Payless Shoe store. 😂

As always more to come.



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