70s Summertime Fun

Water πŸ’¦ Wiggle
Amazing that we lived to tell the tale.  What’s your favorite summertime activity/ memory?

As always more to come. 


10 thoughts on “70s Summertime Fun

  1. Mine was the ocean too, probably because I live here. I remember the fish boats coming in and waving. We thought they were just waving at us, so stupid kids, we waved back. A little while later they showed up and told us when the fish boats come in to get out of the water because there are schools of sharks following the boats ;):) lol

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  2. I would have to say that in my youth my favourite summer memory and past time was waiting for low tide and exploring the mud flats, playing in the tidal pools and just sitting on the rocks and watching the tide roll back in. I grew up on the Bay of Fundy, which has the world’s highest tides.

    I miss the ocean 😦

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