I picked up dinner Friday night from the little Jalisco around the corner. The place was crazy busy.  Drive through was six cars deep so I went inside.  It was bring your kids to work day for the waitresses.  Glad we decide on ‘to go’.   Anyway I ordered and I waited. 

Meanwhile a lady comes in; she’d ordered over the phone.  We both wait.  Making small talk.  My order comes first.  He says I thought you were together.  Nope. 

She asks is your number 123-4567?  Nope. 

She looks over at me and says “watch this” She hits re-dial, the phone starts ringing.  Doh!   Haha. Profuse apologizes with offer to comp her meal. As I exit she says “it’s free?  In that case I ordered …” 😂

I wish I could think that quickly on my feet. 

As always more to come. 

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