#SoCS: Signs

Ping back and Rules are Here!

I have two prior posts with SIGN in the titles HERE and HERE.  But to keep it new, today I’ll do something different.  First thought:

Hey baby what’s your SIGN?

Cheesy pick up line from the 70s.  I had an immediate image of Tony polyester suit in the disco trying to pick up some babe-a-licious.  Then I thought about little J-Dub walking to Handy Andy (local now closed grocery chain) to buy my horoscope.   At the checkout, right next to the candy and gum, they had miscellaneous items which included all the astrological SIGNS on little scrolls.  I vividly remember collecting soda bottles to get enough dimes to be able to purchase MY Sagittarius scroll.  To this day, I feel the excitement and anticipation.

  • Was I going to be lucky in love?
  • Would the stars align?
  • What career was best suited for me?

Hey, I just a kid … and an indecisive one at that.  The stars were going to chart my course or so I BELIEVED.  Ever the depressed optimist (how is that for an oxymoron?), I never had a ‘bad’ horoscope.  Personally, I thought Sagittarius is the best SIGN.  The archer.  A centaur.  I mean c’mon, how cool is that?!?!?

Any who part one, my stream of consciousness flow is slowing down.  Random thought, it’s five o-clock somewhere.  They make SIGNs with that saying on it.  People pay good money for those SIGNs and hang them over their bars.  Then I think, about Semisonic’s song Closing Time – one last call for alcohol …You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.  The actual lyrics?  Quite possibly.  However, stream of consciousness means minimal planning, roll with the flow and do NOT Google Semisonic until you post this post because not knowing the actual lyrics is driving you bananas.

Any who part two, this bar is about to close … before it does, comment to let me know your SIGN.  Or just comment about any ole thing.  Really!  purty puhleese with sugar on top :).

As always, more to come.

10 thoughts on “#SoCS: Signs

  1. Sign that I’m obsessed with Steven Wilson: He is the only one who can pull me out of depression. Did you listen to his songs that I recommend. Yep, my sign of being super crazy and disturbing 😉
    Star sign: Crabby! (Cancer)

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    1. I’ve got more than a few musicians that can lift my depression. I’m glad you have Steven. Everyone needs something like that ! I did listen. Finally. He truly is unique. And is now inserted into my playlist. My oldest is a Crabby 🦀. That’s a good sign.

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      1. Crabby is very complex. I know with myself. Emotional, loyal and stuff which makes us weak in this world. Thanks for listening to Steven. He is amazing

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      2. If only others saw it that way and didn’t misuse it. A greatest weakness is we can’t let of friends soon and end up getting badly hurt.
        I listen to other singers and bands too. Linkin Park, Poets Of The Fall, Anathema, Pink Floyd, Barclay James Harvest etc (long list)

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  2. My sign, you ask…hmm…

    Signs that I’m going crazy – I may or may not be obsessed with a frickin’ model (which is way worse than D-Listalecki!).

    Star sign – #TeamLibra

    Sign that it’s going to be a good day – yet to find this one, LOL

    Sign that the world is going to shit? The orange peach 😛

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    1. Your obsession is merely a crush and crushes are ok. I’ve got several myself . 😂
      Yay team Libra!
      My signs for a good day are usually in hindsight 😳
      The Orange 🍊 is definitely a sign! 😤
      Thanks for commenting. Makes my day.

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      1. I try to keep my crushes under control because I have a obsessive personality, so this latest one feels like failure LOL.

        Can I borrow your hindsight and shove it in a time machine?

        I didn’t know there was a peach emoji! 😂

        Aw, anytime, my dear! 🙂 ❤

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