#SoCS: Signs

Ping back and Rules are Here!

I have two prior posts with SIGN in the titles¬†HERE and HERE. ¬†But to keep it new, today I’ll do something different. ¬†First thought:

Hey baby what’s your SIGN?

Cheesy pick up line from the 70s.  I had an immediate image of Tony polyester suit in the disco trying to pick up some babe-a-licious.  Then I thought about little J-Dub walking to Handy Andy (local now closed grocery chain) to buy my horoscope.   At the checkout, right next to the candy and gum, they had miscellaneous items which included all the astrological SIGNS on little scrolls.  I vividly remember collecting soda bottles to get enough dimes to be able to purchase MY Sagittarius scroll.  To this day, I feel the excitement and anticipation.

  • Was I going to be lucky in love?
  • Would the stars align?
  • What career was best suited for me?

Hey, I just a kid … and an indecisive one at that. ¬†The stars were going to chart my course or so I BELIEVED. ¬†Ever the depressed optimist (how is that for an oxymoron?), I never had a ‘bad’ horoscope. ¬†Personally, I thought Sagittarius is the best SIGN. ¬†The archer. ¬†A centaur. ¬†I mean c’mon, how cool is that?!?!?

Any who part one, my stream of consciousness flow is slowing down. ¬†Random thought, it’s five o-clock somewhere.¬† They make SIGNs¬†with that saying on it. ¬†People pay good money for those SIGNs¬†and hang them over their bars. ¬†Then I think, about Semisonic’s song Closing Time – one last call for alcohol …You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here. ¬†The actual lyrics? ¬†Quite possibly. ¬†However, stream of consciousness means minimal planning, roll with the flow and do NOT Google Semisonic until you post this post because not knowing the actual lyrics is driving you bananas.

Any who part two, this bar is about to close … before it does, comment to let me know your SIGN. ¬†Or just comment about any ole thing. ¬†Really! ¬†purty puhleese with sugar on top :).

As always, more to come.

Cell Free Zone

What is highlighted below was posted to FB on this day in 2015.  Unbeknownst to me, two years to the day later; I am again participating in the same social experiment except this time what happened was on purpose.

This week kind of sucked.  Not for me personally but for some folks around me.  I saw fortitude in a daughter’s love and I am humbled by the experience.  Not my story to tell but wishing I could share so that more would benefit.  Still trying to wrap my brain around how to do just that without being presumptuous.  If I find a public link, then perhaps that would be a way.  Until then …

I am reflecting on all that is good in my life and decided I needed a break.  Right now, I am coming to you live from my worn and gently used desktop.  I am giving up the cell for one day but I am not a heathen, LOL!!  Ok, I am.  Hehe.  Hard as this maybe, I will continue on with DSL internet.

Billy “I’m surprised you made it through the day. At a minimum I thought you’d come home twitching”

Me “very funny, I knew I would survive”

    ******* I was part of an unintended social experiment today *******

You see I left home w/o my purse this morning, cell phone safely tucked inside the front pocket. That way I am not tempted to text and drive. Actually I can only talk to text anyway. I can barely even text normally when sitting and concentrating super hard. Technically, I was a vagrant for a day – no ID either unless you count my badge.

Fortunately I always put my badge on by force of habit as the final touch to getting dressed. The habit ingrained over decades due to fear of losing said badge and being fired! Yea I know once is ok but whatever. I’ll drive back home before I do the walk of shame to be let in without a badge. Of course the process has changed now but that stern indoctrination and good ole guilt, gets me every time. Gas prices be darn, I’ll put 52 more miles on the car for the badge but not for the phone!

I find I can live without the voice talk part but not having my calendar on the go is the worst. And no texts from sweet Lulu is pure torture. I kept looking down at my empty hand. Such a weird feeling of something missing. I used an old school desk phone to call into two meetings and in one case I attend an old fashioned face to face meeting in a conference room.  Gasp!

Thanks to M for texting Lulu for me to locate my purse.  I mean at first, for all I knew, I left my purse on the roof of my car and it blew off while driving down the highway. Thanks to B for offering to bring me my purse because he knows me so well … I was semi-freaking out and he wanted to fix things for me. Thanks to my neighbors for a day for putting up with me invading their turf so that I could have access to an old timey desk phone. And finally thanks to me for being brave and weathering the storm of limited technology.

P.S. from 2017.  Today was easier than in 2015.  For one thing, this is not a work day.  For another, I am not completely sans technology.  I did have a wonderful day without the cell though.  Breakfast with baby girl followed by World Market, Target, and then mall walking.  Yep, that’s right! We got in our steps.  Rather amusing that we were passed twice by a spry gentleman making his laps around.  There was a little old lady walking too and she looked like she was about to drop but she never quit.  We ended up passing her 3 times.  Each time, she’d smile and say, keep on going girls!!!!

Once we got home, we washed clothes and did a quick clean on the house for tomorrow.  Lulu is giving Billy Bob a homemade German Chocolate Cake for Father’s Day.  She made the entire cake from scratch too no Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker box stuff.  No canned icing.  The kitchen smelled wonderful.

This is one of those priceless gifts.  She still cannot do much after surgery and has no money to buy anything, she is baking from the heart.  I would add pictures here but alas, still no cell phone.  She has pictures that I have asked her to email me so I can get them from the desk top.  I am too impatient to wait so maybe tomorrow you too will be to see love in the form of baked goods.

As always, more to come.