The Blue Sky Award Part Deuce

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I was nominated by Patricia over at Tea and Tales1.  Thank you so much.  My day was made ❤️.  C’mon all you bloggers, you need to check out her blog and see what it is all about   I know you’d love a Cozy Mystery.  And for all my tea loving friends out there, would you look at this!!!   There is nothing like a nice cup of tea to take away the anxiety.

This blue sky award is slightly different from the last, seen here.  The rules of this lovely award are to  say Thank you to whoever nominated you.  SEE ABOVE 🙂 Patricia is truly the best.  Then spill some random stuff about yourself and nominate some other folks.

This is hard … We all know that I am the queen, drama BUT … and it’s a BIG BUT, I do not like to talk about myself.  Stories … those I love to tell. I may or may not be involved but there is still a layer in between my story-telling and the “real” as opposed to “fake” me.  I have got to get some new material up in here. lol!!

Here’s a few random things about moi:

  1. I am a married, mother to two – Billy (hubster), Pony (son) and Lulu (daughter).  Pony is married to Wise (daughter in love).  Family is not the only thing, it is EVERYTHING.
  2. I always wanted a nickname so I have become Jilly-Willy, Jillie, J-Dub, Jillster, Spoonie, and/or Chili
  3. I have flair for the dramatic and secretly want to be a dancer … no wait a singer… no wait an actress.  GIVE MY DAUGHTER THE MEDICINE (ala Shirley MacLaine in Terms of Endearment) or DON’T FUCK WITH ME FELLAS (ala Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest).  Can you dig it? I knew that you could. (Bonus points for anyone who guesses where the can you dig? it line comes from). Hint: 🎶 ah ha ha ha 🎶
  4. I over think everything.  Rana just told us that the average person has 60,000 thoughts a day.  I’m like Hmmm.  Well maybe but not me …  Moi? I have over 120,000 thoughts a day.  You see a) I am very competitive and b) I am anxious; I think thoughts constantly from the minute I wake up.  Unless I am sleeping, I am thinking.  My thoughts are like balls bouncing around in a bingo machine.  What the hell J-Dub?
  5. I love the ARTS.  And by ARTS I mean EVERYTHING – music, concerts, theater, musical theater and plays of any kind, movies, dance and books.
  6. I think I am hilarious.  Lol.  Well ok, maybe you don’t?  I like to laugh, a lot and most often I easily amuse myself.  Life is too short to not have fun. Laughter truly is the BEST medicine.
  7. On the flip side of that, I am sometimes sad.  I am in therapy for depression.  See #3 above – analyzing, anxious, competitive and seeking to control all that is around me.

Now to nominate.  Well see, this is another place I get hung up.  And I over think.  After being told “thanks but I do not accept nominations”, I quit trying.  Instead, a better and more inclusive way is to invite anyone (and everyone) following this blog to play along if they choose.  C’mon, you know you want to.  Tag, you’re it.

As always, more to come.