Dance with me people 💃🏻

I posted the following on FB 3 years ago. Hard to believe three years have passed.  This was two months before the beginning of the end.  Lulu’s issues were still bubbling just beneath the surface. The constant is a still use laughter to cope.  One of my better strategies. I need to remember that!

Lulu: “Mom, you have this condition!!”

She shows me her phone and I read …

Tarantism (n.) overcoming melancholy by dancing; the uncontrollable urge to dance

Me: “hells yeah!” As I busta move in the middle of Tommy’s Mexican restaurant this AM. I was already foot tapping under the table because the tunes were saweeeet!!!!!It is a real thing. 

A disorder characterized by an uncontrollable urge to dance, especially prevalent in southern Italy from the 15th to the 17th century and popularly but erroneously attributed to the bite of a tarantula.

Funny I don’t remember being bit ;). Happy Saturday ya’ll make it a good one!!
As always more to come!