Don’t Do That 

I make myself sick with worry by reading “stuff”.  By stuff I mean an eclectic variety of crap.  From medical journals to “real” life current events.  

Not sure why I put “real” in quotation marks except to distinguish “real” life from fake life. 😂

Anyway I digress.  

In therapy, I occasionally quote from various pieces of work that I’ve read. A few sessions ago, I got the best advice ever… simple really… and achievable … Don’t do that!

If reading WebMD makes me worry then don’t read it.  Ah ha!   And it’s not denial.  Especially because as I read, I try to draw conclusions aka J-Dub is just making sH!t up! Don’t do that! Avoiding sources of distress is helpful. Actually avoiding sources of distress is common sense!  

I’m also going to quit watching Snapped, Snapped Killer Couples, Dateline, and the like…  I mean really?!?  What purpose does that serve except to help me see more evil in the world.  Instead I need sunshine and rainbows.  We all do!

As always more to come.