I made three trips to the grocery store last weekend … Only because I forgot something twice.  The fact that I was able to return both physically and financially is not lost on me.  I’m grateful for my good fortune.  

It was graduation weekend around here. The lady in front of us at checkout during round 2 had a card, Mylar balloon, and cake. 

The cashier asked “graduation huh?  ECISD?”

She smiled giddily. “yes! My son ❤️. Go Hornets!”

She ran her debit card then the clerk says you’re short.  She checks her bag … empty.  

She says “oh well he doesn’t need a card”

Me “yes he does”

I’ve been looking for such an opportunity … to pay it forward.  Feels good 😊.  Next time I’d like to do more.  

As always more to come. 

6 thoughts on “#19

    1. At first she said “you don’t have to do that” but I told her Billy is EC class of ’82 and Pony class of ’06. Go Hornets 🐝 means something to us too!

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